Data Scientist

At ReBatch we use MLOps principles to develop and deploy machine and deep-learning models in production. You work closely with our MLOps engineers to create end-to-end solutions using Machine Learning for our clients. From defining the problem, to monitoring and maintaining your solution in production. As a Data Scientist you explore, validate and implement data science techniques and models that support our clients in their decision making process.

MLOps covers three fields: consultancy, data science and operationalization of machine learning models. You will take part in consultancy and data science and make sure your machine learning models predict accurate results and keep working over long periods of time.

What we offer:

• Possibility to implement and train State of the Art Machine Learning models
• Work with large and complex datasets and train models on clusters in the cloud
• Work with a team of MLOps Engineers and deploy your models in production
• Learn how to deploy ML-models with our ML-Engineers
• Competitive salary and benefits such as: company car, hospital insurance, group insurance and a laptop

You have the following qualities:

• A Master or PhD in Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science, Engineering or any related field
• Strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities
• A passion for finding patterns in big datasets
• Ability to present your findings to a non-technical audience
• Experience in building and training machine learning and deep learning models
• Experience in building models in Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras or scikit-learn.
• Experience in Python, Pandas and Numpy
• Experience in software engineering or cloud development is a plus but not necessary (we will teach you this!)


• Design and implement machine learning and deep learning models for supervised and unsupervised learning
• Testing and monitoring the performance of data driven products
• Building production grade solution and integrate them in an existing IT-system.
• You follow the Machine Learning field closely and keep up with the newest papers.
• Work closely with our MLOps engineers and deploy ML models in production
• Depending on your seniority you guide other junior data scientists

Don’t worry if you don’t fit the bill perfectly, at ReBatch we invest in technical and personal development.
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