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Using Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) we provide a process to design, build, train and manage reproducible and testable Machine Learning software.
The following steps define our process of working

Business and data understanding

Developing machine learning application starts with identifying the scope of the ML-application, the success criteria, and a data quality verification. The goal of the first phase is to ensure the feasibility of the project and define realistic goals.

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Data Engineering

The second phase of the process aims to prepare data for the modelling and training phase. Data selection, data cleaning, feature engineering and data standardization. Our preprocessing code follows the standard software design principles. We write clean code that is unit-tested to ensure reproducibility and avoid bugs

Machine Learning Model Engineering

This phase aims to specify one or several machine learning models to be deployed in production. This includes model selection, model specialization, model training and model evaluation. Since ML-development is an iterative process we ensure an infrastructure that can be used by one data scientist, or a team of data scientists to train complex models and track model performance over different data and model versions.

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After training and evaluating a successful model, the model can be deployed on premise, in the cloud or hybrid. Depending on the architecture and data-load. The proper hardware will be selected. Model deployment includes the following tasks: inference hardware selection (CPU, GPU or TPU), model evaluation in production, providing a back-up plan for modal outages and a deployment strategy.


To prevent model performance drop caused by Data Drift or Concept Drift the model is continuously evaluated to decide whether the model needs to be retrained.  

Monitoring and maintanance

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